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Data Sense Aeromedia provides a variety services, both aerial and ground, to regional NSW and beyond.  We use only licensed remote pilots, are fully insured and a CASA Certified company.  We take flying RPA's (Remote Piloted Aircraft or drones) seriously, with all flights undergoing a rigorous risk assessment to ensure every mission is conducted safely and legally. 
We use a range of state-of-the-art RPA's to capture high resolution images, 4K Ultra HD video and data in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.  Utilise drones in your operations to gather data quickly, risk mitigation for employees or to highlight a product sale.
All of our post production work in completed in house, not sent to a processing house that is normally overseas.  This allows us to maintain a consistent and professional finish to all of our products.
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The Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an that uses both visible and invisible bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This calibrated data is used to  monitor the health and vigor of your plants, trees and crops.  The maps that are produced are able to assist in identifying problem areas such as irrigation issues, fertiliser requirements, disease and pest concerns.  Knowing where to look for the problem not only saves time and money, but gives you the ability to make management decisions before they become problems.


Data Sense Aeromedia has partnered with Parabug to improve traditional biocontrol applications by using drones to release beneficial insects exactly when and where they are needed to suppress pests.


  • No pest resistance issues
  • No exposure to harmful chemical products
  • More sustainable farming – reduced risk of pesticides killing existing natural enemies and pollinators


Data Sense Aeromedia can provide you with a safe and cost effective alternative for inspecting your assets.  No longer do you need lifting and safety equipment, or to put people into risky locations. The use of drones is safer, faster and cheaper than traditional inspection methods. Manual inspections are a time consuming, labour and resource intensive process which equates to a costly exercise.  Using high resolution cameras, our drones can manoeuvre around to the asset to capture the best view from multiple angles.  With multiple controllers and live feed, you are able to see first hand what the drone is seeing.  Images captured by the flight can be used as a permanent record of the inspection.


Showcase that signature hole in a prime location on your website, use aerial images to highlight previously unseen angles of your club or course.  Enhance your course map or guide from a two dimensional image to a High Definition video flyover of each hole. Our aerial photography and video services combine technology, experience, and passion for our client's products which is conveyed in all of our finished products.  As a long time single figure golfer, I know what golfers want to see and how they want to see it.

Data Sense Aeromedia is a CASA certified RPAS Operator  (ReOC # 6222).  

This Operators Certificate entitles us to legally operate a commercial RPA business in Australia, and shows that we have passed CASA’s rigorous assessment in relation to our training, safety, equipment and maintenance.

All of our pilots are fully trained and hold a Remote Pilot License (RePL) . 

Don’t risk your own insurance  -  use a certified operator.

We have undergone additional training and assessment, and hold special approvals to conduct;

  • night operations, and
  • within 15 to 30 metres of a people.

We are fully insured, currently holding $20M public liability insurance.

Each flight is rigorously assessed for safety and legality.  The risk management process extents through to the Pilot in Charge on site, who will re examine prior to flight.

We take pride in our work and guarantee satisfaction in our service and products 100%

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In most cases, you will get to view the draft products before paying a cent (larger job may required a deposit).  If your not satisfied, we will re shoot the job again or you will not charged.

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Data Sense Aeromedia is a proud member of the Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. (ACUO). Australia's peak body for the unmanned sector of aviation.  ACUO members are all fully certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and meet all safety and insurance requirements for most commercial drone applications.  Australian UAV Operators NOT certified by CASA are unlikely to be insured, and the probability of safety or regulatory breaches from uncertified operators is high.  Before engaging a UAV Operator in Australia you should insist on seeing a UAV Operator Certificate (UOC) issued by CASA.

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