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Welcome to Data Sense Technology, your trusted partner in precision agriculture and innovative crop & weed management solutions.  As a leading spray drone operator, we use cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the way agricultural spraying is conducted. 
Data Sense Technology is not just a family owned agricultural drone business; we're a family rooted in deep passion for farming and a commitment to advancing the agricultural industry.  We understand the challenges faced by modern farmers and landowners, and the importance of effective crop & weed management.  That's why we offer state-of-the-art spray drone services designed to optimise your farming operations.
We are passionate about drone technology, and the practical integration of that technology into existing work practices.  We specialise in providing remote piloted services through our fleet of state of the art 'drones' to achieve safe, efficient and successful outcomes for our clients .  Our aerial services have a multitude of cost effective applications including drone spraying & spreading, mapping, biocontrol release, crop health, mustering, photography and much more.
Closer to the ground, we have practical solutions with our Farmboard (customised farm management whiteboards), drones sales and training. 

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At Data Sense Technology we use technology to provide practical solutions to your farm or workplace.  Whether it is providing a service from our fleet of drones, giving advice on the right drone to purchase, or providing drone flight awareness training, we are able to meet your needs.

Talk to us today about how 'drones' can be engaged on your next project, to save you time, money and above all else improve safety. 

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