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Asset inspectioN

Data Sense Aeromedia can provide you with a safe and cost effective alternative for inspecting your assets.  No longer do you need lifting and safety equipment, or to put people into risky locations. The use of drones is safer, faster and cheaper than traditional inspection methods.

Manual inspections are a time consuming, labour and resource intensive process which equates to a costly exercise. 

Using high resolution cameras, our drones can manoeuvre around to the asset to capture the best view from multiple angles.  With multiple controllers and live feed, you are able to see first hand what the drone is seeing.  Images captured by the flight can be used as a permanent record of the inspection.

Types of Buildings & Assets that can be inspected by drones include;

  • Commercial & Residential building roofs and facades

  • Lighting poles and towers

  • Bridges

  • Dam walls

  • Water towers and tanks

  • Solar Panels

  • Silos

  • Trees

  • Water Courses

  • Landslips

Construction Monitoring & Reporting

Today's construction industry is fast paced and precise. Construction professionals need technology that won’t add to the complexity of a project but instead help to simplify it. Aerial maps and models are a cost-effective, user-friendly way to help achieve this goal. We make construction site progress monitoring more efficient by delivering continuous data for both planning and operations. 

Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects are kept on schedule and under budget.

Speed is also essential to construction projects. Constantly working against timelines, with a need to have access to real-time insights to make smart decisions. Aerial maps make it easier and more efficient to manage work as it happens and monitor site progress over time. 

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