DATA SENSE Agriculture has teamed up with PARABUG AUSTRALIA to provide a cost and time effective way to distribute beneficial insects to high value crops.

When it comes to drones, most people think of a few aerial pictures or a video.  But now farmers can get into the business too with a multitude of sensors and payloads specifically designed for agricultural applications. 

Using the Parabug technology, Data Sense Agriculture is able to dispense biologicals, granules and other agricultural material over crops accurately and safety.

Traditionally, farmers have had to dispense beneficial insects by hand, requiring significant man hours to walk row by row through the paddock, and taking the focus away from other important tasks.  In some cases, it just hasn't been viable to distribute beneficials by hand. However, using drone technology we are now able to complete the same task in a fraction of the time, and at a far less cost than doing it by hand.

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Now more than ever, time is critical and labour isn't cheap. DSA and Parabug are able to provide a solution to free up your labour force to focus on other tasks, or to now use beneficials where you couldn't before.

Using our drones, we can distribute beneficial insects in a timely and cost effective manner, even when the paddocks are not ideal to be accessed by vehicle or foot.  Our service means your paddocks will receive the time-sensitive, high value beneficials needed to keep your crops healthy.

A recent example on a walnut orchard, we completed the boundaries of 200ha of trees in under 10 single hours.  The previous year, the same application was done by hand to the base of the trees and took 10 workers x 2 days (160 single hours).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much acreage can you cover?

Depending on flight speed, altitude, and swath distance Parabug can cover up to 10 hectares (25 acres) in 30 minutes. 

How high and how fast does the drone fly?

Altitude and speed depend on the beneficials being applied and the crop that they are being applied to. Typically Parabug is flown between 3-5 metres above the crop at a speed between 20-30 kph.

Who supplies the beneficials?

The grower or DSAcan arrange the supply of the beneficials and DSA will handle to distribution.

What is the best time of day to apply beneficials?

Parabug has found that it is best to apply bugs in the morning when the wind is low and the temperature is mild.  Having moisture and humidity in the field insures the best chance of your beneficials finding their way.

How does Parabug compare to traditional hand application?

Parabug is as effective as traditional hand applications. With the added benefit of being able to access fields in wet conditions as well as being much more uniform than hand applications.​

What is the mortality or survivability of the bugs being dropped via a drone?

Parabug has applied various beneficials on thousands of acres of various crops. Observations from current operators, as well as farmers, indicate the bugs are landing safely. However, Parabug is working on third party quantitative research.

How long can the drone fly for?

Our DJI M600 Pro equipped with a twin Parabug system can fly for around 25-35 minutes. 

How quickly does Parabug empty its drum?

Currently Parabug takes about 10 minutes per drum before refill is required.  This can be adjusted with variable rate control.

Will the beneficials get sucked up into the drones propellors?

The drones propellors aid in releasing the beneficials by pushing air down, not pulling air up.  This safely keeps the bugs away from the propellers.

Are Data Sense Aeromedia pilots CASA licensed and insured?

Yes!  Our pilots all holder current Remote Pilot Licences.  DSA is a CASA certified operator and holds $20M public liability insurance..

What does this service cost?

Depending on acreage and flight characteristics, the  application cost is usually about $30 per hectare.

Can I schedule a demo and how do I do so?

Parabug Australia is able to provide demonstrations to interested people. Please contact us to register your interest in a demo via the contact us tab. 


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